The Kansas Collection - Chapter 8: The Slippers

The Lost Princess will return and peace will follow in her wake. - The Ozian Ledger of Prophecies

Ozma has returned. In an act of desperation, she split herself between two bodies. Brother and Sister. Two sides of a coin. A choice with devastating implications for both Oz and Earth.

In anticipation of the coming battle, Phil Daring is preparing to face his sister and his allies are asking for your help...

The Slippers is the eighth installment in The Kansas Collection, The Speakeasy Society's re-imagining of Baum's Land of Oz.  The opposition against Queen Ozma has been dealt heavy blows and the surviving factions have formed an uneasy alliance.  But an old friend with a new mission is hoping you’ll reconsider your choices. Will you aid Special Officer Phil Daring and Glinda?  Or will you infiltrate their forces undercover to gather intel?

"The Slippers" will premiere at Thymele Arts (5481 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles) The on site running time is estimated to be about 30 minutes, but performance lengths may vary depending on audience choices. Admission is limited.  There will be no late admittance.


There will be two 21+ VIP performances on Saturday, March 2 and Saturday, March 9- tickets are $60 and include post show drinks and conversation with the cast and crew.  

Content Advisory