NOW PLAYING: The Johnny Cycle

This fall, The Johnny Cycle returns, featuring new, reimagined content for a limited 4-week engagement. This theatrical experience explores the impact of war on those left behind, and the way in which the nationalistic rhetoric of the WWI-era impacted the life and career of the blacklisted Hollywood writer Dalton Trumbo. Inspired by Trumbo's novel, Johnny Got His Gun, audiences are guided through an epic and intimate experience examining the costs of politics, power, and war.

 Some critical responses include: 

“The Johnny Cycle” is an undeniably memorable evening spent in with a supremely talented cast in an extraordinary location exploring the themes of belief, patriotism, and death. It’s an incredibly interesting alternative in a form flooded with horror stories, and I highly recommend checking it out. - INSIDE THE MAGIC

This is an emotionally charged, politically fascinating, intricately woven thrill ride. The odd mix of history, fiction and philosophy unfolds in scenes of intense mystery and melancholy. Sound a little bit heavy? Maybe, it is. But rest assured it is a concoction designed to thrill. All you have to do is give yourself over to it. - MY HAUNT LIFE

The Johnny Cycle will premiere at Mountain View Mausoleum ( 2300 Marengo Avenue, Altadena, California 91001) beginning August 22, 2019.

Tickets on sale now!