NOW PLAYING: Under the Big Top

Travel back in time to 1928 to meet circus performers tied to a disastrous event that occurred on the site of what is now Two Bit Circus!  Following a series of mysterious disappearances at the location, Envision Technologies was contracted to stabilize what appeared to be ‘time jumps’ to the circus that occupied the area nearly a century ago. But now, the lead scientist, Dr. Olivia Xanders, has gone missing and she’s left a message asking for your help!

Under the Big Top: Atlas is the first of 4 interwoven narratives with performances for audiences of one or two people at a time. Though each segment is a complete, stand-alone show, by attending all four experiences (and solving optional puzzle content online) an additional fifth piece of content will be unlocked that will conclude a larger narrative.  The performances can be viewed in any order. 

Content Advisory: This production features light-to-familiar physical contact from performers and discussion of violence towards animals. This performance is wheelchair accessible, but otherwise requires walking, sitting, and standing.  


Tickets on sale at 10:00am on Monday, July 1st
$70 per 30 min slot (each slot can accommodate up to 2 audience members)
Run Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Suitable for audiences 14 and up. 

Featuring: Claire Chapelli and Dasha Kittredge 
Original script created and produced by The Speakeasy Society. 
Co-Artistic Directors: Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Genevieve Gearhart, Julianne Just 
Associate Artistic Directors: Michael Bates, Chris Porter
Producing Director: John Henningsen
Production Manager: Andrew Lia
Graphic Design by Jeff Leinenveber